After a long journey, the time has come when 3Dock needs to have a presence in a physical location in order to give full and effective dedication to the goal of driving additive manufacturing in the maritime industry. In our search for a space that, in addition to providing us with a physical office, would provide us with access to a fresh and competitive ecosystem, we came across the people of DESY and Startup Labs Bahrenfeld. After a series of conversations and pitchings we were accepted into the team.

DESY stands for Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron or German Electron Synchrotron. DESY is a high-level science complex located in Hamburg with the mission of studying the foundations of matter and is home to some 2,500 employees. In addition to this, it has a start-up incubator, mainly DESY spin-offs as well as deep technology start-ups, which helps materialize much of the basic research into useful innovations for society.

And what is a maritime start-up doing here? Well, in addition to being home to deep tech start-ups, DESY and Startup Labs Bahrenfeld have an interest in 3D printing technology, carrying out an interesting promotional activity for it. Startup Labs Bahrenfeld has recently started its “Maker Space”, a workshop space dedicated to the manufacture and testing of products through 3D printing among others, and of which 3Dock is a part.

We are very grateful to the DESY team and Startup Labs Bahrenfeld for their trust in us and the opportunity they give us.


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